Anderson County Arrest Records

The Anderson County Detention Center is the core location where arrest records are documented under the direction from the County Sheriff’s office which fulfils its general responsibility to protect the people and properties. The office also supervises the operation of the County’s Unified E-911 Communications Center, the Emergency Service Division and the Animal Control Department. All these are managed to safeguard the public from any untoward incidents. More so, a significant part of their services would be to keep track of the Anderson county arrest records for any legal uses.

Furthermore, the Sheriff’s office has a specific Records Section that is authorized to provide copies of incidental reports, help you conduct a history check and do a request for non-ferrous metals permit. To transact business in the office, you should be there between 8:00am to 5:00pm on weekdays as their standard business hours. The records staff will attend to your needs right away, thus, you should come with all the paper documents ready so you can go ahead and perform the search.

Anderson County Arrest Records

To become eligible in placing a record’s request, one needs to show a current and legitimate ID like a driver’s license and a social security card. The fee to obtain a copy of such record would be $5.00 which should be paid through cash only. Other means of payment will not be accommodated. As provided by law, victims are automatically given a copy of the incident report so long as they are able to present a Victim’s Rights Form to the Records personnel. If the incident report is lost or someone needs an extra copy, then requesting party will have to shoulder another $5.00 for each document.

Aside from the Sheriff’s office, anyone can also visit the Anderson County Judges office since such an agency is also sanctioned by the constitution to supply legal information on warrant and arrest inquiries. Background checks are simply done by ordinary citizens, companies and other entities to know the truth in advance before it brings destruction, trouble and harm to anybody who wanted to live and work peacefully.

These arrest documents are also digitally transmitted to the people in Anderson County to make the process more convenient for them to accomplish. This implies that with the computers and the Internet today, anyone can access the county’s online criminal records lookup without having to visit the office in person. Hence, it’s a great development since individuals no longer have to leave their houses and do the typical method of acquiring the official reports.

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Anderson Sheriff’s office features the following services:

Anderson County Criminal Records

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