Bastrop County Arrest Records

Doing a criminal background investigation is not a new thing anymore. Scrutinizing somebody’s background has in fact turned out to be a standard procedure these days in most companies and establishments. In the light of delving into the historical past of a person, the arrrest records could provide some help anyhow. Such registers are very crucial as they document details such as the offense, violation, or the felony committed, and other details surrounding the case.

In Texas, specifically Bastrop county, archives containing such noteworthy reports can be accessed through the state’s designated agencies. These files are available at the Sheriff’s Office, at the Department of Law Enforcement, Department of Public Safety, and even at the local court house. Such agencies will be glad to cater your requests and assist you during weekdays, from eight in the morning till five in the afternoon. To file a request, just fill out the necessary forms which you can get from these offices, and pay the necessary fees. Conducting a background check using arrest and criminal records cost $9.95. For a thorough investigation requiring a review on an individual’s Criminal History Record Information, $15 is requisite.

Bastrop County Arrest Records

In pursuant to the state’s Freedom Information Act, anyone in the general public is entitled to review the records generated by the government and other state public agencies whenever needed. Most archives are public which means they can be accessed by anyone in the state unless they are deemed confidential and only accessible to the persons named on the document and the next kin. To get ahold of these records, you have to make an entreaty addressed to any of the aforementioned agencies.

Bastrop County arrest records may be requested at the Sheriff’s Office specifically. Be sure that you do not have an existing warrant or arrest record before you pay a visit to the Sheriff’s Office lest you will be the one to get arrested. Forms must be completed and payments must be paid before you can obtain the documents you need. Information that you must make sure to include in the form are the individual’s name, any known monikers, birthdate, approximate age, social security number if available, and the last known address. The process takes roughly five business days not including postal delivery time.

To get ahold of these documents in an expedited and convenient way, then do it online. Today, most providers online render document retrieval services for only a minimal fee. With such alternative method, delving into the background of anyone you think is suspicious. All you need is just a computer with an Internet connection, and you are good to go.

Bastrop County Jail Records​

To access public criminal records, follow the steps provided below:

  • Create an account at the Texas Department of Public Safety.
  • Purchase credits through credit card (online) + additional 2.25% for convenience fee and $.50 for use fee.
  • Purchase credit through mail (credit fee + $1.25 for convenience fee).
  • Each search costs $3 and 1 credit is equivalent to one search only.

Bastrop County Criminal Records

Racking up an individual’s criminal history information in Bastrop county can be done through the following sources below:

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