Bexar County Arrest Records

The keeping of Bexas County arrest records is spearheaded by the county sheriff’s office whose mission is to make public safety its number one priority. This has been proved by forming various departments and division which cater the specific areas that need their full legal attention. As provided by the Texas Public Information Act, this office is obliged to divulge any arrest or criminal information that will be used for a righteous or legitimate cause.

The documentation and release of incident reports is handled by the county’s central records office ever since the sheriff office was officially established. The requesting party should be able to provide date, address and name of the subject on the record. You can also state the case number but not a pre-requisite when you are to conduct a records’ check. If you are to ask for an offense report you are either asked to provide the case number or the basic information about the subject.

Bexar County Arrest Records

You may send your records application by mail or by personally visiting the office concerned. If you go by mail, you need to submit the completed request form with a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the fee through money order, payable to the County Sheriff’s office. If you do it through a walk-in visit, you may drop it off during their office hours from 7:00 AM to 6:30 PM from Monday to Friday, except during County holidays. The fees vary depending on what type of documents which you will be requesting for.

These documents include offense and incidental reports, accident reports, certified accident reports, record checks, criminal histories, sheriff’s letters and fingerprinting services. For an update on current fees it would be best to directly contact the Sheriff’s office and might as well find out if there are changes in the guidelines on how to request for legal information such as those arrest files.

Public’s access to the Internet has made the job of these law enforcers much easier for they are able to protect themselves by doing a background check using an online records library. Most of these online reports services have tied up with the State or County offices for information on arrest and criminal files. On that note, individuals no longer have to make a trip or leave the house just to comply with the paper requirements needed to retrieve the records from the office. Instead, they are assured to have it obtained at home with complete privacy and safety.

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