Brazoria County Arrest Records

If you or your love one was arrested, then it is important that you get your arrest records. The arrest record can be especially helpful as it contains information about the arrest. If you are innocent, you can also petition the court to have the arrest records sealed or expunged which would close off the arrest from the public domain. Brazoria County arrest records are available usually from the law enforcement or police department that made the arrest. These arrest logs are available from the particular office or station and can be requested by the interested parties. Some offices though make these records available online. In Brazoria, jail records maybe searched from the online database of the Sheriff. Input the defendant’s name, the inmate’s current status, date when he was booked and birth date. Once all the fields are completed, click the submit button to start the search. Requesters may also contact the Sheriff’s office to obtain comprehensive information or to double check the data they have accessed from the online database.

Aside from the Sheriff’s office or the police department, another government agency that you can go to is the Judicial Court where you can obtain court cases pertaining to the person who was arrested. If you are convicted, this is the best way to request for your court case. You can do a criminal case search or a criminal hearing search. One can also do a sheriff jail search or civil records search through the online database. Include the inmate’s full name, status of the case, date when the case was filed and the birth date of the defendant. If the person has a criminal history, one may also do an offender search by accessing the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Offender Information Search online tool. Input the offender’s full name, TDCJ number or SID number and click the “search” button to begin the search.

Brazoria County Arrest Records

Visiting the county jail may also be helpful if the arrested person was convicted or have been recently released. The county jail records division more often than not has a copy of the full record and it may be available for your perusal. Another way that is more convenient and hassle-free is to engage the services of commercial public record providers. These providers can help you compile all the information that you need without having to step inside one of the government agencies mentioned and it is the best and most efficient way to gather all the documents you need.

Brazoria County Jail Records​

For those who are interested in checking out if a person is booked in the county, follow the process below:

  • Visit the Brazoria County Sheriff Office
  • Click the Records Search
  • Input all the necessary information needed.
  • Click “Submit” to start the search.

Brazoria County Criminal Records

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