Brazos County Arrest Records

If you are looking for Brazos county arrest records, then there are several places that you can go to obtain these records. More often than not, the police station where the person was booked after the arrest can provide some information on the incident or a brief summary of the arrest. This would include the inmate’s physical description, reason for the arrest, respondents and time and location where the incident occurred. In some cases, you might also visit the Sheriff Office to check if the person’s report is available. The arrest report does not necessarily mean that the arrested person is guilty or has already been convicted of the said crime. All arrested persons must be presumed as innocent until a verdict or a conviction is handed down by the court.

On the other hand, if the person that was arrested has already been convicted, then the places that you have to contact would include the Department of Criminal Justice as well as the Correctional Facility where the inmate is currently incarcerated. The Department of Criminal Justice has an online Offender Information Search where requesters can search the Department’s database by providing the full name, TDCJ Number or SID number of the inmate. The information provided though might not be complete and for those who want to make sure that the reports are accurate should contact the Department to verify the information provided. You may also visit the Superior Court if you are interested in court records or if the arrest progressed to a court case.

Brazos County Arrest Records

Another place that one can check for information would be the Department of Public Safety which has an online database called Computerized Criminal History System or CCH. The CCH contains information on arrests, dispositions and prosecutions of Class B misdemeanors or other major violations under the Texas Law. To access the crime records, click the Criminal History Conviction Search to start examining the records. For new users, you must sign up and purchase search credits in order to perform searches. Repeat searches will use up additional credits and as such it is important that one indicates all the necessary information to make their search successful.

For those who wish to do record searches but do not have the luxury of time, one can also check third party search websites that do offer public records searches. Some of these are free whereas some offer packages for those who are interested in a comprehensive record search. Choose a reputable commercial third party provider to help you find the records that you need.

Brazos County Arrest Log

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Brazos County Criminal Records

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