Brown County Arrest Records

Arrest records are legal documents containing information on a person as well as the reason for their arrest. While these documents precede actual court charges, the arrest does not indicate that the person is guilty of the incident or crime until an actual case is filed. Arrest records are considered as public documents hence its availability to the public; though there are some documents that are restricted especially if a case is undergoing trial or it is still under investigation. Some states restrict access to such records especially if the arrested individuals are juveniles, were never charged before or were acquitted of the crime. In the State of Texas, arrest records are not available to the public but a list of arrests or police blotters are available usually from the Sheriff’s Office or the law enforcement agency that made the arrest. The list contains basic information such as the arrested person’s full name, incident type, arresting agency and bail if available.

Brown County Arrest Records

To be able to access Brown County arrest records, one can visit the Sheriff’s Office Records division and request for a list of arrested individuals. Additionally, one may take advantage of the online inmate custody list available from the Sheriff’s website. Click on the link and you will be redirected to the booking search tool; type in the month and the inmate’s name to get a view of the inmate’s listing or leaves the field blank to get the latest list of inmates. Information that you would be able to obtain includes the arrest number, inmate’s name, booking date and charges. Click on the inmate’s name to see basic information including place of birth, weight, eyes, height and build. One would also be able to see if the inmate’s charges allow him or her to post bail and if the person is represented by a bondsman.

Aside from the Sheriff’s Office, another way to find useful information with regards to criminal activities happens to be the county court or the municipal court. More often than not, cases that have been decided or have received sentencing are considered as public documents and are therefore available under the Open Records Act. Contact the clerk’s office to request for a guideline on how to make a request. Additionally, one may also check out online sites that offer such services as well. Basic searches are usually available free whereas a comprehensive one would require requestors to pay certain fee.

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