Calhoun County Arrest Records

Those who are interested in retrieving arrest records in the State, particularly in Calhoun County, should start their research from the local police department or from the Sheriff’s Office. Criminal records or arrest documents are considered as public records and one can request for such information from their local law enforcement agency. Calhoun County arrest records are available via contacting the Office. If you are a victim of the crime, you can also check the Victim Information Network which is an online database that crime victims can register to obtain information about their perpetrator(s). Some county websites also offer links to various databases that one might find useful such as the 10 Most Wanted Persons in the County, Sex Offenders as well as other criminal agencies.

Aside from the Sheriff and the local police station, visiting the Texas Department of Public Safety is also another option for those who wish to obtain arrest or criminal records. The Department provides the public with the Computerized Criminal History System or CCH where one can search the Department’s criminal database. Information included in the repository includes arrests records, class B misdemeanours as well as other court cases that have received conviction. The CCH repository includes all reports that come from arresting agencies in the State and includes fingerprints, arrest charges, disposition as well as prosecution charges.

Calhoun County Arrest Records

In order to access the records, one must first register as a user. Once one is registered, he or she must purchase search credits which can be paid through check or credit card. Each search credit corresponds to one name and repeat searches of the same person will deduct the user’s credit accordingly. The search will comb all the public criminal records information data available. If the record is not available, researchers may contact the Department for more information. Before submitting the search information, it is necessary for the researcher to check the info provided especially misspelled names which can return a no match result, as search credits are non-refundable. Preview the records before opening it completely so that you would not use your search credit. Review the records carefully before you open the records to prevent being debited of your credit.

Ideally, for those who want a more comprehensive result, one may also contact one of the commercial search providers online who offer public record search services. More often than not, this is the most convenient way to look for records especially criminal records which are often restricted from the public. Contact a reputable records provider or visit their website to conduct free basic searches.

Calhoun County Jail Records​

For those who are interested in checking out if a person is booked in the county, follow the process below:

  • Visit the Sheriff Office Website.
  • Copy the information provided including the phone and email of the Office.
  • Contact the Sheriff for information on arrest documents.

Calhoun County Criminal Records

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