Cass County Arrest Records

Unlike other counties where arrest records are made available to the public, Cass County arrest records are not readily available to the public. However, there are several ways for one to obtain such records and one of them is thru the internet. The internet has plenty of sites that offer free public records search as well as paid services that one can avail of if they are interested in obtaining such records without having to visit the government agency that made the arrest(s). These commercial providers can help researchers find information that are not readily available online as well as compile these details making it easier for the researcher to check a person’s background.

Cass County Arrest Records

For those who wish to conduct their own search, arrest records maybe available from the local police department that made the arrest. More often than not, it would be the city police or the Sheriff’s office. If you happen to find it hard to look for the said documents in the arresting agency’s website, you can contact or visit the police enforcement agency in person to make your record request. Some records would require the researcher to seek the arrested person’s approval before they will be able to obtain the records. Information found in the arrest records would usually include some basic information about the arrested individual; type of charges brought forth, the agency that made the arrest as well as the bail amount if any. Arrest records do not imply that the person who was arrested is guilty of the charges; as such, these records should not be used for any legal actions and should be treated as for information purposes only.

With that said, there is another wayto obtain information about an inmate or offender in the county. One way to do so is through visiting the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and making use of the Offender Information Search tool of the office. Indicate the offender’s name or TDCJ number or SID Number to get hold of the records. The database is updated during work days only and some information might not be updated.Hence, it is best to contact the Department through email for questions with regards to the offender information available in the website.
Court records may also be useful for those who want to examine court cases or check the entire proceedings. One may contact the court that has jurisdiction over the case or visit the Superior Court Records Office for more information.

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Cass County Criminal Records

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