Guide To Perform A Thorough History Check

Employers should put high emphasis or consideration in looking for people that they are going to hire for the company. On this note, here are some tips which helps you do the process. First, decide when and whom to check and for what. Second, know the components of background screening. Third, understand background check process and timeline. Fourth, inform and prepare candidates for screening. Fifth, integrate with Applicant Tracking System.

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Indicators of an Inappropriate Use of the Social Media

Here are some things which you need to take a look into or consider when running a background check on individuals. Pretexting, when someone sends you an email which contains malware. Also phising, when a person publishes a fake website. And then there the social media phising, when someone tries to mimic and existing brand. Please see infographic below for more factual information related to the issues which people face these days via the social media platform.

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The Dating Violence Which You Ought To Know

Here’s a shocking truth, 1.5 million boys and girls were injured by someone they were in a romantic relationship with. This is one fact that is very scary because it could mean one of your kids and that is going to be painful knowing that your own children are in danger. Also, it is a fact that 37% of parents know of controlling behavior in their son’s or daughter’s relationship.

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How Do You Shield From Potential Cyber Attack

There are steps which you can consider in dealing with the cyber crimes today. These are the main things which you need to take a look into including your network security, malware prevention, monitoring, incident management, user education and awareness, removable media controls and others. Please see infographic below to learn more essential facts on how you prevent cyber crime from happening today.

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What To Do When You Witness an Abuse on Animals

For everyone’s information there is an existing law which protect the animals from any maltreatment caused by anybody. If animals are not being fed well, if they are hurt in some ways, the authorities could arrest them and put them to jail. So, what do you do when you witness just an incident happening in your community? You have to do the following steps in collecting evidence. You need to take videos if possible, take pictures, make eyewitness reports, and do a concise personal report. You got to keep monitoring the situation if it is happening in the neighborhood. And then you call the authorities if it keeps happening again and again and again.

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The Re-arrest Rate and Re-incarceration Rate in Texas

Texas shows percentages in the re-arrest rate and the re-incarceration rate. As for the re-arrest rate, it has 58.5% rate under the control group, 40.5% for any drug court and 28.5% completed drug court. On the other hand, there is 26.6% under the control group, 12.0% under any drug court and 3.4% for the completed drug court. For more details about the arrests and incarcerations please see infographic below.

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Gun Laws That Govern in New Hampshire

Every citizen needs to know the rights and restrictions in the purchase and use of gun in the community. This is one simple rule which people must know in order to become responsible buyers and users of such guns. The truth is, most of the crimes involving guns are caused by the lack of information drive in regards to the proper use of it. In fact, 89% of suicide reports is due to the use of guns in public and 11% of gun deaths are due to homecide or accident.

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Find Out Who Uses The Social Media for Investigation Purposes

There are many agencies, entities and organizations today who use the social media as a tool for investigation purposes. They include the federal office, state office, local, the rank and file and the supervisory offices. For instance, it can be leveraged when you are looking for a missing person by simply posting his or her picture with his or her personal information and description. So it’s not only being used to get reconnected with friends or for social purposes but it can be used legally for a better reason.

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Reasons Why You Must Turn Down A First Date

How would you know that someone’s worth giving a chance to get a date? Well, here are a few tips that you can do to help you decide as to whether or not you take the opportunity to date a person or not. So here are the basis of the decision that you are going to be making. First, find out if he or she smokes. Second, you need to choose as to which one is more essential, is it the personality? or the physical attraction? Third, you have to know as to whether or not he or she has children. Fourth, you got to find out if he or she uses drugs.

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Be Prepared for Possible Security Threats Over The Web

Here are some of the things you need to think about when dealing with the cyber security threats nowadays. You got to check as to whether or not your workers or employees are responsible for security. As per study, 33% criminal attacks within the organizations are due to malicious insiders. And then there are those employees who would say that it would not happen to them. Note that 20% of all cyber attacks hit small businesses. Then you must select security that has the ability to improve to deal with new threats. And then you make use of a firewall that brings in future-ready security.

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