Dallas County Arrest Records

Warrant and arrest records are both retrievable in Dallas, Texas. In fact, the office which is designated to update and release these legal documents is the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department. With the existing law which entitles everyone for freedom of information, the said office allows anybody to perform the search provided that the reasons for requesting a copy of it are valid and justifiable. The sheriff’s office can be reached by calling over the phone, send through fax or by filling out a form which can be found via the agency’s website.

The Department strictly opens at 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. from Monday through Friday. There is also a separate webpage for Dallas County arrest records and criminal reports related searches. Thus, instead of walking in the office to place the request, individuals can open the site and look for the offender’s personal information. You will need to provide the personal particulars of the convicted individual like his or her complete name, sex, race and birth date. More so, other court records are accessible through another online repository that is initiated by the county officials.

Dallas County Arrest Records

The arrest records contain photos of the place where the crime happened, important facts about the location, the scenario which led to the arrest and the charges filed against the arrested person. As stated earlier, the arrest should come with a warrant that is signed by a judge and issued by the court to formally seize the suspect in Police custody for investigation purposes.

The Texas Public Information Act gives the residents the legal right to unveil the records on arrest. The only requirement to be able to obtain the report would be to write a formal letter of request to be addressed to the sheriff’s office. If you are close to the state’s Criminal Justice Department you can always go there in person to perform the request or simply visit the state’s online database for a much quicker procedure.

Dallas, in other words is not a very strict county to go to when you are searching for relevant documents. You just have to be polite when you are there asking for something that is legally needed for whatever circumstances. They offer full support to anyone who wishes to retrieve the arrest records for legitimate undertakings like when it is intended for the security of yourself, family, business, company, organization and the government.

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