Franklin County Arrest Records

Franklin residents have all the rights to protect themselves from the criminals in the community. First and foremost the Freedom of Information Act was implemented to give everyone the opportunity to access the Franklin county arrest records. These legal reports are useful in many ways, they are mostly used for protection purposes and other important matters. People just have to be very patient with the procedure imposed in Franklin so that you will get the reports that you are looking for.

The said arrest documents can directly be obtained from the office of the County Sheriff. They can be contacted through phone or via the Internet since they already have an official website where you are able to send a message. However, the best option would be to visit the office in person be more formal in placing the request. Take note though, that only walk-in requests have the privilege of taking home the information that you need. Phone calls and emails are only done for inquiries on what to do to generate the documents which you want to have.

Franklin County Arrest Records

But of course, Franklin County is in close coordination with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice over the years until now. They have set-up an online database which contains all the facts of the arrested individuals within the State. This should come in handy as you only have to have the basic information about the subject and you get the details in just a few clicks through the Internet.

The Texas Department of Public Safety can also be of great help to you when it comes to producing the right facts for whatever legal proceedings. They have a conviction database which is extracted directly from the Computerized Criminal History System. You are able to find details on arrests, prosecutions and dispositions of the case and other criminal offenses. All these can be acquired provided that you are eligible to obtain such kind of information. Thus, you need to present proper identification and bring in the required paper documents in order to qualify to have the said reports.

Franklin County Jail Records​

Steps to get started in searching for Franklin County arrest records:

  • Visit the County Sheriff’s office to inquire
  • Fill-out the application form provided by the office
  • If you have Internet access at home you may download the form and fill it out
  • Submit the completed to the Sheriff’s office

Franklin County Criminal Records

For more information regarding the subject you may look it up through the other resources available within the state including:

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