Galveston County Arrest Records

Galveston County would require you to visit its Sheriff’s office if you are looking for arrest or criminal related information about a certain person. If you are to check whether or not an individual has an arrest warrant you should contact or visit in person the Warrant Division which compiles all the issued warrants from district, county and justice of the peace courts. As soon as these warrants are received, the warrant clerks have to make sure that the details are entered in the in-house database and also to the Texas Criminal Information Center and the National Crime Information Center.

Galveston County arrest records are also accessible through the Texas Department of Public Safety which can be viewed online. You just have to sign-up and follow through the steps on how to proceed with the search. All the data came directly from the Computerized Criminal History System. You can basically lookup for details relating to arrests, prosecutions and the nature of the case. So, this is one tool which you can make use of when trying to investigate on legal matters.

Galveston County Arrest Records

The Sheriff’s office itself has created the various divisions to accommodate the different services geared towards the public. These divisions include the Criminal Investigation, Corrections, Forensic Services Unit, Warrants and the other legal units in the county. Each division has an updated database on the records that they are tasked to do. Therefore, you need to specify what type of record that you are looking for in order for you to know which office or division you should seek assistance from.

When performing the actual request it is important that you have the authentic documents which prove that you are a legal citizen in the County. You should have a government-issued ID and other papers which would support your official residency. Then, you need to inform the office your relationship to the person who owns the record and state your reason for placing a request. The task would be much simpler to go through if you are authorized by the court to perform the search.

The State of Texas has actually mandated all the counties to make such legal information available for public consumption. The birth of modern technology has given these counties the opportunity to upgrade their system in compiling and distributing both the arrest and criminal reports. An online records service did come to take the searches to the next level.

Galveston County Jail Records​

The Galveston Sheriff’s office is responsible for the creation of the following legal divisions:

Galveston County Sheriff Arrest Records

Apart from forming the respective divisions, Galveston also coordinates with the other agencies including:

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