Grayson County Arrest Records

Doing a legitimate background is imperative especially if the position to be filled includes handling sensitive and confidential documents. With that said, it is important to make a background check on anybody and normally the best way to go about it is to check the local police department to check if the person has any arrest records. In Grayson County arrest records are available from the Sheriff Department as well as from the City police department. The Sheriff department as well as the patrol units are responsible in maintaining the safety and security in the county and are tasked with processing subpoenas, warrants as well as other records of criminal activities in the area. For those who are interested in obtaining arrest records in the county, they may contact the Sheriff’s Office or the Records Department of the law enforcement agency that made the arrest.

Another way that one can get these records is by checking the online database of the Grayson County Detention Center. The Center’s online database contains information on inmates currently incarcerated in the detention center as well as other past inmates. One needs to log in in order to check for the reports which contain the charges, description of the arrest, the inmate’s information, case number and the date when the offense was committed. One would also be able to check for the court that has jurisdiction over the case by clicking on the navigation tab.

Grayson County Arrest Records

Once one obtains these records, they may also wish to get the full court records to examine the criminal court documents. The Clerk Office can help one get these records although the request costs $1.00/page and a certification costs $5.00. Before one requests for the records, it might be prudent to check for it online. The County Clerk Office has an online database where one can search the county’s court documents. Choose the county that one wants to make their search, click whether you need a criminal record searchor one may also do a jail records search as well. Click the link and indicate the required information such as the case number, the status of the case and when the case was filed in the court. For jail records, indicate when the inmate was booked and released from the detention center, if applicable, and the defendant’s name and birth date. Additionally, one may also opt to choose the services of third party search providers for a faster and more comprehensive compilation of the inmate’s criminal records.

Grayson County Jail Records​

For those who are interested in checking out if a person is booked in the county, follow the process below:

Grayson County Criminal Records

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