Hays County Arrest Records

If you are looking for arrest records in Hays County, the first place to look for them is the law enforcement agency that made the arrest(s). Usually, the police or the Sheriff would have a record of the arrest as well as the booking log if ever the arrested person was booked or held in custody.Although being arrested does not necessarily mean that the person is actually guilty of the crime, it would help one in their research especially if the person is rooting for it for legal reasons. Hays County arrest records can be requested under the Open Records Act and are available from 3 different divisions of the Sheriff Office – Law Enforcement, Jail Records and Juvenile Records.

A record from the Law enforcement division includes the actual arrest report and the booking log. The record from the Jail Records division on the other hand includes all those incarcerated at the jail and may require the requestor to submit a Freedom of Information Act request form as well as a subpoena in some cases. The Juvenile Records division is the first place to approach if requesters wish to obtain records with incidents including minors or juveniles. As with the Jail Records, some cases might require a subpoena or a Freedom of Information Act Request Form. For more questions, requesters may email the said division and request for information on the open records act and how they can obtain information from the office.

Hays County Arrest Records

In the case that the arrest resulted to a conviction, one may also visit the District Court to request for additional information on the arrested individual. Public search terminals are available at the reception area of the District Clerk office and these are accessible during business hours. Additionally, a search may also be performed by the Court Clerk for $5.00/name covering 10 years and $1 for every additional year. For those who cannot visit the court, they may also check the online database made available by the court. You can choose to access criminal case records, civil, probate, family and even jail records. All information obtained from the database should be verified with the court to ensure the accuracy of the facts and details of the case. If the options presented are not enough, requesters may also engage the services of online search providers who provide such services for a nominal fee. This is the fastest and easiest way to obtain records without having to visit the government agencies mentioned.

Hays County Jail Records​

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