Hidalgo County Arrest Records

Arrest records are public documents providing the general public information pertaining to the arrest activities of a law enforcement agency. These records contain information on the incident, persons involved, and whether or not that the case is open for bail. Arrest records differ to that of a conviction record as arrest documents do not indicate that the person arrested is guilty of the crime, only that there is a probable cause or reason that he or she might know something about a particular incident. Arrest documents do not only pertain to crime reports as it can also be filed when a person violates traffic rules, commits robbery, and is involved in drugs and other related incidents. When someone is arrested by a criminal justice agency, the person’s name and a brief summary of the incident is uploaded to the agency’s site to inform the public.

Hidalgo County Arrest Records

In Hidalgo County arrest records are restricted from the public access unless the case has already received sentencing or the court has already decided on the case which makes the specific case available to the general public. To access the records, one can visit the Official website of the County and under the online services click whether you opt to do a civil case records search or to instead do a criminal case records search. The civil case records search is available to the public; however, the criminal records search is restricted to certain agencies, bail bond companies and approved government agencies only. If you are one of the indicated individuals, fill up the web form and email it to the department. For those who are interested but are not eligible, they may visit the county district clerk’s office as well do an online search for the said records. The county is also working with other counties in implementing the new judicial software called Odyssey which provides the public access to judicial records. Requestors may also contact the clerk’s office or drop by in-person to request for the said information.

For those who are looking for deferred adjudication records or records of a defendant’s criminal history, one may visit the district clerk or the county clerk to request for the records. Aside from these government agencies, one may also request these records from the Texas Crime Information Center database of the Texas Department of Public Safety and from the National Crime Information Center of the Department of Justice.

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Hidalgo County Criminal Records

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