Houston County Arrest Records

Arrest records are considered as public records; hence, one has the right to view or request for these records. Arrest reports which are usually police logs or jail booking information are often available from several government agencies as well as from third party public records providers. Records obtained directly from the government are free though this information would often be summaries of the arrest. For a more detailed or comprehensive report, some agencies might charge certain fees to cover administrative costs such as copying or duplicating these records. Some documents may also be restricted or limited from the public if they contain sensitive information or the case is undergoing court proceedings. Aside from the government channels, one may also request commercial search providers to find public documents for them. This is the fastest way to get these records although some costs might be included such as service fee or search fee.

Houston County Arrest Records

The first thing to do when you want a copy of a Houston County arrest records is to visit the arresting agency that made the arrest. More often than not, you will find yourself visiting the police station or the Sheriff’s Department to request for these records. Some would upload a brief summary of the arrest in their website although this is only temporary and some would be up for just a week or a month. If you are looking for arrest that was made years ago, it is best to contact the agency and inquire if they still have the said records. If the arrested individual was convicted of the arrest charges, then you may also contact the county jail or the correctional facility for some documents relating to the said inmate. Aside from these locations, the county clerk can also help you especially if you are looking for court records that led to the conviction. These records are available from the court’s website or by visiting the Records office of the Court that handled the case.

In some instances, searching the State’s Department of Justice or Superior Court may also yield some positive results. If the arrest occurred years ago, some government agencies might turnover these records to the Archives Department which you can also check out although certain fees will apply as well. If you want a more convenient way to obtain all these records, you can also check out reputable search providers online who can help find these documents for you.

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