Jones County Arrest Records

For those who are currently doing a research on the crime statistics of the State of Texas, particularly in the county of Jones, you might find it easier to search for legal documents in the county as the government has made it easier by providing several government authorities to handle such public information requests. Documents and reports that are criminal in nature are available from several authorized agencies such as the Sheriff’s Department, local city police, patrol stations, county jails and court offices. Aside from these government channels, you may also approach the Department of Safety as well as from the Department of Corrections if you are interested in doing a state-wide search.

For those who are interested in finding Jones County arrest records, contacting the Sheriff’s Department and requesting for the said records will help you get hold of the specific records or crime reports you are interested in. In some counties however, information provided is limited to the interested parties so if you are not eligible, you can try checking the Texas Department of Criminal Justice offender information search link to perform a search. The information that you will be able to get hold of would include inmates currently incarcerated in the county jail as well as those who are currently in the state prison.

Jones County Arrest Records

On the other hand, if you are interested in checking out past criminal records, then you might try visiting the court to look for criminal court records. The court system is made up of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals which would be the places you ought to visit if the case has been the subject of an appeal or was appealed to the Supreme Court. Aside from these two courts, you might also try visiting the district, municipal or justice of the peace courts and county level courts depending on where the case is being tried and who has jurisdiction over it.

County level courts are divided into 3 designations whereby a constitutional court tries civil action, probate matters, misdemeanour and appeals. County level courts have jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases. Other courts also have jurisdiction over criminal cases but depend on the total amount of claims or fines being imposed.
Additionally, for those who wish to make their research easier, the internet provides a plethora of sites that offer public records information. These sites offer free basic searches as well as comprehensive ones.

Jones County Jail Records

For those who are interested in checking out if a person is booked in the county, follow the process below:

Jones County Criminal Records

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