Kaufman County Arrest Records

Do you know of someone who is currently in jail? If you are interested in hiring a lawyer, it is important for you to know what charges have been filed against that person and if it is bailable. This way, you would be able to approach the right law practitioner to help you out. There are several ways for you to get hold of the arrest records but primarily, you have to approach the law enforcement agency that made the arrest. In Kaufman County arrest records are available from the Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff has overall jurisdiction on the county and as such, this is the most practical and logical way to approach the situation.

If you have internet access, you may visit the website of the County Sheriff and access the online inmate information list. There are different ways for you to search for the inmate’s report. One is via typing the inmate’s name in the online search box. Another is to view the whole list of inmates currently booked in the jail. To make it easier, you can also view the complete list of the inmates via the charges that they were arrested for. You can also opt to find an inmate by the booking or intake date.

Kaufman County Arrest Records

Aside from the County Sheriff, you may also check the county courts for court cases. This is the best option if the inmates you are interested in have an active court hearing or have already been convicted of the charges filed against him. You may visit the District Court Clerk, the Superior Court or access such information via the County’s website. Click the County Courts Records Inquiry search page and choose the court that handles or has jurisdiction over the case. Click the criminal case records search and type in the information in the required fields. You can do a research based on the case, defendant and citation or by attorney handling the case.

Additionally, aside from the said resources, another way that you can do research is by engaging the services of public records search providers who do public records searches for a minimal fee. They can retrieve several info and provide you a comprehensive report about the inmate you are interested in. You can also try out third party sites that offer free searches although you have to verify the information you obtained to be sure that the info is accurate and timely.

Kaufman County Jail Records

For those who are interested in checking out if a person is booked in the county, follow the process below:

Kaufman County Criminal Records

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