Liberty County Arrest Records

To maintain the safety and security of your loved ones and yourself, it is important that one safeguard and make sure that the place they live in is safe. Reporting unusual behaviour of individuals and being vigilant goes a long way in protecting one from any incident or crime and preventing oneself from becoming crime victims. With that said, the law enforcement agency and the Sheriff’s Office has the sworn duty to protect the citizens from harm and one way to do so is to make any arrest or government activity open to the public. This information is usually made available via the government’s website where an online search query may be used to check records.

In Liberty County arrest records are available from the Sheriff’s Office as well as from the City Police Department. The County Jail can house 285 adults and is under the supervision of a warden. One may be able to check on inmates currently held in the County Jail by indicating the booking date or the inmate’s full name. The Sheriff’s Office also provides other essential information such as Most Wanted individuals in the County, patrol requests and crime tips. The information obtained from the database contains a brief summary only; for a detailed report, one can visit or contact the Sheriff’s office and make a report request. One would only be able to request for the entire report if the case is already closed. Cases still under investigation, however, are not available to the public. Records request may be subject to a fee depending on the media type of report that one needs.

Liberty County Arrest Records

Aside from the Sheriff, another place that can help one get hold of legal documents is the District Clerk’s Office. The district clerk is the Custodian of Court Records and has jurisdiction over court documents. To access court records or do an online public records search, one needs to pre-register with the court clerk’s office first. One may also visit the clerk court of the county that has jurisdiction over the inmate’s case.

One may also check out the internet for third party websites that offer public records searches. Most of these sites offer links to various government agencies such as Police departments, City clerk offices, District Attorney, County Jail as well as other government resources. These sites can be useful especially to those who are interested in doing a basic search of a person’s criminal history or background. Other sites also offer bulk searches and paid services to retrieve public records.

Liberty County Jail Records

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Liberty County Criminal Records

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