Lubbock County Arrest Records

Whether you are moving to a new place or doing something important, it is important that you run background checks to be able to have an idea of the community where you will be living at. This would ensure that your family is safe at all times and that you are assured that the law is exercised for the protection of everybody. The first place that you would want to start is to check out the Lubbock County arrest records. These arrest records would give you a heads up on who is currently in jail or released from the facility as well as what the incident is all about. The arrest logs do not indicate that the person arrested is guilty of the booking charges so these reports are not sufficient proof that they are not innocent, but it would give you some place to start your search.

To obtain arrest records in the county, you can visit the Sheriff’s Office website where you can check the Active Jail Roster. The roster contains the list of inmates currently in the County jail and includes the booking number, the inmate’s name, gender, race as well as visitations and public info sheet containing the charges, indictment and disposition. If the person you are searching for is not listed in the roster, you might also want to check the inmates booked and released for the day as well as the day before. If on the other hand you want to know more about the person, you might also contact the Sheriff’s Office and request for more information on the arrested individual.

Lubbock County Arrest Records

If the arrest resulted to the person being charged with a criminal offense, then another place you can also visit is the Court that has jurisdiction of the case. There are different courts thus it is essential that you get to know which court handles the case. More often than not, criminal cases such as felonies or misdemeanors are tried by the criminal trial court. One can also check the Superior Court or the Court of Appeals if the case has already been judged. The State of Texas has an online case search where one can look for and access the online court records. Researchers must first apply for access and if the Administrative Office approves the application, one will be given a username and password to be able to access the court records.

Lubbock County Jail Records

For those who are interested in checking out if a person is booked in the county, follow the process below:

Lubbock County Criminal Records

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