McLennan County Arrest Records

Is your county considered as one of the safest in the State? Are you interested to know if your place is safe and secure? Well, if you are interested to know about these things, then you can easily search through the internet or through your local criminal agency for more information. In fact, most counties have crime maps or statistics which researchers can easily find to know the crime rate in their rate. Aside from this, one may also obtain arrest activities in the county. These arrest activities do not indicate that the person arrested is guilty of the crime or the offense he or she was arrested for but it would provide a glimpse of the accident or incident. In McLennan County arrest records are available from the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the safety and security in the county and has overall jurisdiction over the law enforcement agencies in the area. To conduct your search, visit the Sheriff’s website and click the Current Inmate Listing. The list provided is updated every hour so you will be able to view the latest arrests made in the county.

Information available from the list includes the inmate’s full name, bond amount, and type of offense, arrest case no., pay-out as well as the release date. The list is automated so if you are interested to know more or examine the arrest records, you can contact the Sheriff for information about the case. Aside from this, the website also provides other services such as bonds updates, environmental crimes and drug abuse resistance education.

McLennan County Arrest Records

Aside from the Sheriff and the Police Department, another place that one can check is the County Clerk’s Office. The Clerk’s Office has information on criminal cases such as those of Class A, B and C misdemeanors. Felony records however are available from the District Clerk’s Office. To be able to obtain records, one should send a written request indicating the records that one wants to be searched. Criminal searches cost $5 per name and a search letter costs $5.00; copies cost $1/page. Certified copies on the other hand cost additional $5.00. The county clerk accepts cash, money order or cashier’s check as well as credit card payments.

These government agencies can help one in their search for criminal records; however, there are instances where records are confidential or one is busy to make a personal search. With that said, a convenient way to get hold of these records is by trying out commercial search records providers who can compile the information in such a way that one can obtain these records without having problems.

McLennan County Jail Records

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McLennan County Criminal Records

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