Tom Green County Arrest Records

If you have ever wanted to check a person out, then you might be interested in getting hold of their arrest records first. These arrest records are documents created by the arresting agency to record the incident including the person arrested; charges filed and if there are any bail bonds. Although arrest documents do not constitute that the arrested individual is innocent or guilty, it can provide one a bird’s eye view on the incident. Aside from the arresting agency which is often the Sheriff or the police, one can also contact the county jail if the person arrested was convicted of the charges filed against him or of the crime. Each process of obtaining these records can be difficult and doing it manually can be stressful. However, there are several ways that you can automate the process, one of which is to check the internet for search providers that do offer such services. Another is by checking the government agency that has jurisdiction over such cases and in some instances, these sites also provide a public online search of their database so one would be able to check if the person has any arrest records.

Tom Green County Arrest Records

If you are looking for Tom Green County arrest records, then visit the official website of the county for some assistance. In Tom Green county, criminal cases and jail records are both available online. Visit the website and simply click on the Judicial Records Search; a new window will open and you have several options to do your search. You can search for criminal case records or jail records as well as other types of criminal records in the county. For jail records, indicate the defendant’s full name, booking date and when the person was released. On the other hand, to search for criminal cases, click the link for criminal records and choose the search type, name of the party, status of the case and when the case was filed. Click the search button to start the search process.

These searches will help you obtain records from the county’s area of responsibility only and will not yield results for other States or Counties. With that said, you might also wish to conduct a state-wide search or a federal search to get hold of criminal records from other places in the country. If you are not familiar with the process, one easy way to obtain the said records is to engage the services of local search providers. Many offer public records searches which are the fastest way to obtain criminal records nowadays.

Tom Green County Jail Records

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Tom Green County Criminal Records

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