Walker County Arrest Records

An arrest record search in Walker County is made stress-free by the government which provides several ways for the public to access the Walker County arrest records. Records of arrests, incidents, traffic or any record may be requested from the Records section of the Sheriff Office. One can send their request to the Office of the General under Records Section and indicate in their written request the information they are seeking. Another way to do so is to access the Texas Department of Criminal Justice online database which contains offenders currently incarcerated in the State. Simply click the Offender Information Search and specify the fields that require information such as the TDCJ Number, SID Number, full name of the offender as well as race and sex. Click the search button to start the search.

The police department is another government agency which can help a requester finds criminal records that would be useful in their searches. If the person was arrested by the city police, one can check the police log or booking logs which are available to the public for information pertaining to the arrest. Some law enforcement agencies also upload the list of bookings in their website although this is only for a specified time. If you fail to find the report, but know which department made the arrest, you can visit the police station and request for the said info or you can also visit the Sheriff Office who has jurisdiction over the entire police department in the State.

Walker County Arrest Records

Should the arrest evolve into an actual case and the person was convicted, then another option is for the requester to check the county court that has jurisdiction over the case. You can access the case records from the “Odyssey” online database of the county and choose the type of court that has jurisdiction over the case. Another option is to check the jail records of the arrested person. One can do a search by defendant or by booking number. Indicate the defendant’s name and click the “search” button to begin your search. Do remember that there are some reports that are restricted from public access and if the record you are interested in is one of them, you must approach the government agency and request for information on how to be able to access these records. You may also wish to contract the services of third party search providers who can help you access all the information you need.

Walker County Jail Records

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Walker County Criminal Records

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